1. Helium Leak Detection Test by Vacuum and Pressure Method:+

2. Fugitive Emission Test:+

3. Type / Product Acceptance Test (TAT / PAT):+

4. Cryogenic & Low Temperature Test:+

5. Fire Safe Test: +

6. Third Party Inspection Services: +

7. Pressure Test: Hydrostatic, Pneumatic & High Pressure Gas Test+

8. NDT Level III, Welding & Design Consultancy, Services & Training:+

9. Field Services:+

10. Shop Services:+

11. PM (Project Management) Contracts:+

12. Expediting Services:+

13. Vendor or Sub-Vendor Assessment:+

14. Technical Documentation, QAP/ITP, Procedures, Design, etc. review and approval:+

15. Technical Documentation, Procedure Generation with respect to International Codes, Standards and Customer Specifications Consultancy: +

16. Vendor Development Consultancy: +

17. Shop / Factory approval survey / audit: +

18. Engineering & Process improvement Consultancy: +

19. Any Type of Testing required which we don’t have the facility & availability as per the customer requirement, we will develop our new facility and conduct the Test. +

20. Designing, Drafting & FEA (Finite Element Analysis of Design) Consultancy.+

21. Product Training related to the International Design and Manufacturing Codes and Standards.+

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